A book from deValence


Since the creation of the deValence graphic design studio, its members have attempted to set up a work process ensuring a permanent dialogue between the different stakeholders of the projects they are associated to. Imbued ...

Jochen Gerner


Since the beginning of 2000s, in the continuation of its study of the work Tintin in America untitled Tnt in America, Jochen Gerner began in particular to sound graphically and plastically the printed images. These ...

Das Detail in der Typografie

Buchstabe, Buchstabenabstand, Wort, Wortabstand, Zeile, Zeilenabstand, Kolumne


Das Detail in der Typografie ist eine knapp gefasste Einführung in jene Fragen, die den Buchstaben, das Wort, die Zeile und den Zeilenabstand betreffen, also jene Elemente, die für die Lesbarkeit eines gedruckten ...

Le monde comme projet


This book is only available in French language.

Pendant la lecture


Sorry, this book is not available in English.

.TXT 2


Sorry, this book is only availbale in French language.

L’ abécédaire d’un typographe


We are sorry, this book is not available in English.

Seeing Architecture

Design Contribution to Knowledge Building


Today, our daily life depends as much on the architecture of digital data as on that of the built environment. Despite our different uses of these constructions, they pose the same questions of structure, organization ...

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