publication June 2019
language English, French
designer deValence
size 200 x 297mm
pages 232 p.
ISBN 9782917855997
themes graphic design


Book translated into English by Caroline Higgitt.
Co-published with Passerelle, centre d’art contemporain. This book is published with the support of le CNAP, Centre national des arts plastiques, the École supérieur d’art et de design d’Amiens and the participation of Jean-Yves Grandidier et Lézard Graphique.
The publisher thanks the crowdfunding contributors, especially Hervé Aracil, Félix Demargne, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Jean-Michel Géridan, Gonzalez Haase AAS, Jean-Baptiste Levée, Paul Teschner, Majan Dutertre, Élodie Boyer, Domenic Lippa, Cecile Maingot, Laurent Ostiz and Lisa Sturacci.

Frédéric Teschner was a French graphic designer who left his mark on the world of graphic design. Born in 1972, Frédéric Teschner graduated from the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris in 1997 and trained with such figures as Pierre Bernard – for whom he worked at the Atelier de création graphique – and Pierre di Sciullo. From opening his own studio in 2002 to his sudden passing in 2016, he consistently blended various influences in his work, thus establishing a strongly personal graphic signature. He left a mark on a whole generation of graphic designers. He always showed a keen interest in work relationships, which he liked to develop with his various partners in the context of commissioned works. He undertook both commissioned works and personal projects and was constantly switching from one to the other.

The book shows a selection of different projects and objects which were designed by Frédéric Teschner during his career. His work is presented through original photographs taken by Morgane Le Gall. In order to understand his work and his approach, personalities who collaborated or assisted Teschner during his career were commissioned to write thirteen texts. To highlight his concern for printing techniques, a 1-scale-printed sample, using blue-back poster paper, is inserted at the end of each book, making every copy unique.