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parution 2009
language English, French
designer deValence
size 195 x 280mm
pages 60 p.
ISBN 9782917855041
ISSN 19645392
themes graphic design, typography
editorial board Alexandre Dimos, Gaël Étienne & Véronique Marrier

Back Cover, graphic design, typography, etc. is a publication focused on thinking and analyzing graphic design and typography’s practices; and to a larger extend visual arts. Back Cover is a featuring showcase for major figures from all over the world who make or review the visual environment we live in; and whose works, ideas or opinions are strong and relevant. Designers of all kind are particularly encouraged to publicize their word in it. Back Cover is not a newsmag. It offers reflections, historical and critical analysis, individual and collective experiments.


Invisible Translators. An Interview with Elektrosmog
by deValence

Illustrating Photography. The Enfants du Monde by Dominique Darbois
by Catherine de Smet

Digital Images Code Countdown. Interview with Benoît Rosemont, illusionist
by Aurélien Froment

About Pioneers of Modern Typography by Herbert Spencer
Étienne Robial

At to speed. About Mercier and Camier by Samuel Beckett
by Olivier Gadet

A Perisher’s Nostalgia: Books and Art–SomeSmacks® on a Relational Crisis
by Christoph Keller

Reading between the lines. About Structures and Connections, conceived by Wladislaw Pluta
by François Chastanet