publication August 2022
language French, English
designer deValence
size 200 x 300mm
pages 160 p.
ISBN 9782490077755
themes illustration, design

As the first book devoted to the drawings of designer Pierre Charpin, it brings together a selection 120 works from different series produced between 2005 and 2022. If drawing is an artistic discipline, it is also a major step in the practice of design. However, Pierre Charpin has never considered it as a simple stage in the production process of an object, but rather as a practice in its own, translating the singular relationship that the designer has with form. Drawing is seen as an immediate, intuitive and natural way of bringing forth a form that does not yet exist, and is directly linked to his intuitions and thoughts. Unlike applied drawing, drawing as such no longer serves to represent form; it is itself form.

The works shown in this book are distinguished both by the variety of techniques used – coloured pencils, graphite, pen, felt-tip pen, fountain pen, crayons, Indian ink, coloured ink – but also by the permanence of certain motifs such as lines and loops, ribbons or arabesques, black or coloured drawings, produced in series, often representing elementary forms.