Available from February the 21st. 2017

Back Office is an annual review, encompassing graphic design and digital activities. It explores the creative processes at work in the diverse fields of contemporary media and digital practices. By dealing with themes such as the code/form relation, the challenges of creative tools, and the permeable nature of media, it represents a unique French-speaking think tank, and a worldwide vehicle of visibility for the French-speaking community.


The first issue of Back Office, called "Makin do, Making with" question the notion of tools, instruments and machines within design context. 



“Cultural Software” by Lev Manovich

“Photoshop, a Visual Synthesizer?” by Manon Bruet

“Hacker Culture and the Fear of WYSIWYG” by Eric Schrijver

“Re-typographe” by Thomas Bouville & David Vallance

“Thanks for Nothing, Adobe!”, interview with Etienne Robial

“Tool and Method” by Pierre-Damien Huyghe

“Getting a Technology to Take a Step Forward”, interview with Pierre-Damien Huyghe

“Working with Digital Machines” by Sophie Fétro

“Licenses to Heal” by Frank Adebiaye

“Turbulence in the Cloud” by Nicolas Taffin

“Muriel Cooper, Information Landscapes” by Nolwenn Maudet

“Monoïde”, interview with Raphaël Bastide

“Workshop #01—Vectors”, interview with Signes

“Free Workshops”, interview with Outils Libres Alternatifs

February 2017
  • English
  • French
  • E+K – Élise Gay & Kévin Donnot
195mm × 280mm
144 pages