Back Cover 3
Back Cover 3 Back Cover 3 Back Cover 3 Back Cover 3 Back Cover 3

**Issue 3 is sold out.** “Can you imagine a Swiss guy writing a history of British design?” Åbäke p. 26 “Rhombicuboctahedron is not a commonly used word”. Didier Semin p. 26 “You don’t cut the sky like the sea. Sophie Ollé-Laprune p. 29 “I have absolutely no idea what it is about war that moves me.” Jean-Yves Jouannais p.30 “Nothing is abstract. Everything is reassuring.” Alexandre Dimos p. 30 “The multiplication of surface […] is the new reality of design.” Metahaven p. 31 “The Didot arrays are contained, well ordered.” Robin Kinross p. 34 “I approach the exercise in the spirit of a book collector.” Yann Sérandour p. 35


    • Ways Of Working, Thinking, Living.
    • A Conversation Between Richard Hollis and Åbäke.
    • London, January 2009. Back Cover puts together two designers from different generations to talk and share their views on Cuba, Olive, translation issues, standards of living and hospitals. A conversation edited by Benjamin Thorel.
    • Gradiva Rediviva
    • Raymond Hains used to travel with books. Yann Sérandour presents one of his copies.
    • White Night
    • White Night - Before a Manifesto is a set of three critical texts about design, its stakes, economy and politics. Surface and Value, the two first parts are published in this issue.
    • The Rhombicuboctahedron and Its Hidden Noise
    • Artist Raphaël Zarka gathered all the cases of a polyhedron with an unpronounceable name. Didier Semin tells us the story of this shape and the obsession of his collector.
    • Between the Lines.
    • Interview with Sophie Ollé-Laprune, Jigsaw Puzzles Maker
    • How to make a jigsaw puzzle? Aurélien Froment pursues his inquiry with the “image manipulators”.
    • La Petite Vadrouille
    • As part of his project “Encyclopédie des guerres” (War Encyclopedia), Jean-Yves Jouannais talks about one of his many references.
    • Summer, Along the Roadside
    • “Ici–Fruits–Producteur”: next to the driver, a camera around the neck, a harvest of signs is made.
    • Typographic Norms
    • Anthony Froshaug (1920-1984) was a typographer, a printer and a teacher. Robin Kinross presents one of his text, published in 1964, on the typographic standards.
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