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**_Back Cover_ is a French magazine about graphic design and typography.** _Back Cover_ is an open place for personalities from all countries who make or analyse our visual environment. _Back Cover_ does not deal with news and does not present portfolios. It contains thoughts, critical or historical analysis and individual or collective experiences in graphic design, typography, illustration and visual arts. Each issue brings together contributions by international actors in the mentioned areas: graphic designers, typographers, art critics and historians, journalists, under different shapes: interviews, diaries, theoretical articles, transcripts of lectures…


    • Invisible translators.
    • An interview with Elektrosmog
    • An e-mail interview between Alexandre Dimos & Gaël Étienne and Marco Walser & Valentin Hindermann, Zurich-based graphic designers.
    • About Pioneers of Modern Typography by Herbert Spencer
    • Étienne Robial reveals some of his influences.
    • Digital Images Code Countdown.
    • Interview with Benoît Rosemont, illusionist
    • The second part of Aurélien Froment’s inquiry about “images manipulators” with Benoît Rosemont, who explains the mnemonic method he uses for his illusionist shows.
    • Reading between the lines.
    • About “Structures of Connections”, conceived by Władisław Pluta
    • Polish graphic designers are more celebrated for their posters than for their editorial work. François Chastanet presents a book designed by Władisław Pluta.
    • Le Nouveau Livre
    • For copyrights reasons, this article is not translated in English.
    • At top speed.
    • About Mercier and Camier by Samuel Beckett
    • Olivier Gadet reads Mercier and Camier, again and again.
    • A Perisher’s Nostalgia:
    • Books and Art—Some Smacks® on a Relational Crisis
    • This is unquestionable: there has never been so many art books published every year, especially in the field of contemporary art. Christoph Keller gives his point of view on this phenomenon.
    • Illustrating Photography.
    • "The Enfants du Monde" by Dominique Darbois
    • Catherine de Smet presents a barely known book collection for children: Enfants du monde by Dominique Darbois.
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