L'Institut de l'environnement. Une école décloisonnée.

Urbanisme, architecture, design, communication.


This book is only available in French. 

Back Office

Graphic Design and Digital Practices


Available from February the 21st. 2017

Back Office is an annual review, encompassing graphic design and digital activities. It explores the creative processes at work in the diverse fields of contemporary media and digital practices ...

Devenir un expert du rakugaki

Développer son imagination par le dessin


This book is only available in French.

Devenir un expert du Rakugaki


This book is only in French.

A book from deValence


Since the creation of the deValence graphic design studio, its members have attempted to set up a work process ensuring a permanent dialogue between the different stakeholders of the projects they are associated to. Imbued ...

Le monde comme projet


This book is only available in French.

.TXT 2


This book is only available in French. 

Seeing Architecture

Design Contribution to Knowledge Building


Today, our daily life depends as much on the architecture of digital data as on that of the built environment. Despite our different uses of these constructions, they pose the same questions of structure, organization ...

Passing on History

Design Contribution to Knowledge Production


Beyond the book, on screens and in spaces being invented, we are seeing the re-casting of roles between people creating and people receiving historical narratives. The six studies brought together in this volume are intended ...

L’ Écartelage

ou l’écriture de l’espace d’après Pierre Faucheux


This book is only available in French.

Le Vertige du funambule


This book is only available in French.



This book is only available in French language.



This book is only available in French.

Le Transformateur

Principes de création de diagrammes Isotype


This book is not available in english here.


English version : The Transformer, published by Hyphen Press, London.   

Link : http://www.hyphenpress.co.uk/books/978-0-907259-40-4

Pour une critique du design graphique

Dix-huit essais


Sorry, this book is available only in French. You can find some texts written by Catherine de Smet in [Back Cover 2][1] and in _Graphic Design: History in the Writing (1983–2011)_ published by ...

Frédéric Teschner

Le secret


Unfortunatly this book is not available in English language.



45 graphic designers, 90 photographs, 10 years of books on contemporary art. This book is based on an invitation to graphic designers to choose two books on contemporary art from the past decade whose design ...

This is the End

Cover Art by H5


H5 is a graphic design studio created in Paris in 1995. It is currently composed of François Alaux, Quentin Brachet, Rachel Cazadamont, Hervé de Crécy, Emmanuel Cossu, Fleur Fortuné, Ludovic Houplain, Matthieu Lelièvre, and Sandra ...