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H5 is a graphic design studio created in Paris in 1995. It is currently composed of François Alaux, Quentin Brachet, Rachel Cazadamont, Hervé de Crécy, Emmanuel Cossu, Fleur Fortuné, Ludovic Houplain, Matthieu Lelièvre, and Sandra Schmalz. Since the mid-1990s, H5 have realized numerous record covers and visuals for small labels or majors (Sony, V2, Naïve, Virgin, Source, Solid, Record Makers, Pamplemousse, La Fondation, 20000ST, Diamond Traxx, Choice), thus accompanying the development of French electronic music — what the British critics called the "French Touch". H5 started to design record sleeves for their friends Etienne de Crécy and Alex Gopher, using typography rather than photos and an economical two-color esthetic — which finds one of its most striking example in the "Superdiscount" cover for Etienne de Crécy. Their video clip for "The Child" by Alex Gopher, a typographic animation, soon became a reference of this new style and brought them to collaborate with Röyksopp, Goldfrapp, or Massive Attack.

February 2009
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270mm × 270mm
244 pages