Celui qui pourrait changer le monde

Aaron Swartz. Écrits.


Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) était programmeur informatique, essayiste et hacker-activiste. Convaincu que l’accès à la connaissance constitue le meilleur outil d’émancipation et de justice, il consacra sa vie à la défense de la « culture libre ...

L'Institut de l'environnement. Une école décloisonnée.

Urbanisme, architecture, design, communication.


En 1968, la Hochschule für Gestaltung d’Ulm, école allemande que l’on présente comme la principale héritière du Bauhaus, est menacée de fermeture. L’idée de son possible transfert à Paris émerge alors sous le nom ...

Crawling Doubles

colonial collecting and affect


Collecting objects was a frequent practice among European colonial states in their occupied territories. From the second half of the nineteenth century, colonial powers encouraged their citizens in the colonies to collect objects that would ...

Le monde comme projet


This book is only available in French language.

Seeing Architecture

Design Contribution to Knowledge Building


Today, our daily life depends as much on the architecture of digital data as on that of the built environment. Despite our different uses of these constructions, they pose the same questions of structure, organization ...


This book is availbale in english version [here][1] [1]: http://www.editions-b42.com/books/futur-nexiste-pas-retrotypes/

The Future does not exist: retrotypes


Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Ultimately, this is unimportant, because we all talk about the future, however uncertain, as if its existence goes without saying. Yet, if we picture it as a region of time ...

Max Bill / Jan Tschichold


This book is only available in French language.

The The Witching Hour


**Expected to appear the 24th of April 2014**

Jean-Luc Blanc, Lindsey Bull, Georges Devy & L. Dalliance, Florence Doléac, Camille Ducellier, Mary Beth Edelson, León Ferrari, Derek Jarman, Richard John Jones & Max Allen, Latifa ...

Voir le voir


This book is only available in French language.

Passing on History

Design Contribution to Knowledge Production


Beyond the book, on screens and in spaces being invented, we are seeing the re-casting of roles between people creating and people receiving historical narratives. The six studies brought together in this volume are intended ...

Le Vertige du funambule


This book is only available in French.


Hunted, appropriated, empowered, queered


At least three types of witches exist: those who practice witchcraft, those who are characterised as witches (by courts, religious institutions or public opinion), and those who proclaim themselves witches but do not practice witchcraft ...

Search Terms: basse déf.


What are we to make of all these countless sounds and images passing before our eyes, reaching our ears, arriving on our cell phones, moving across our computers and iPads? What artistic categories are relevant ...

La Typographie moderne

Un essai d’histoire critique


This book is published in english by [Hyphen Press][1], London.     A brisk tour through the history of Western typography, from the time (c.1700 in France and England) when it can be ...

Pour une critique du design graphique

Dix-huit essais


Sorry, this book is available only in French. You can find some texts written by Catherine de Smet in [Back Cover 2][1] and in _Graphic Design: History in the Writing (1983–2011)_ published by ...

Qu'est ce qu'un designer

: objets. lieux. messages


The original version _What is a designer: objects. places. messages_ is available on the Hyphen Press [website][1]. [1]: http://www.hyphenpress.co.uk/books/978-0-907259-16-9

Lire à l'écran

Contribution du design aux pratiques et aux apprentissages des savoirs dans la culture numérique


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Free RIde

Skateboard, mécanique galiléenne et formes simples


Sorry. This book is only available in French. We hope to propose it to you in English soon.

La Conjonction interdite

Notes sur le skateboard


This text is available in English with the book _On a Day with no Wave. A Chronicle of Skateboarding, 1779-2009_ by the same author. More information [here][1]. [1]: http://www.editions-b42.com/books/day-no-waves/




For an artist like Raphaël Zarka, skateboarding is above all a question of forms—forms of rest, forms of movement—they subtly extend throughout the entire history of art and science, from Galileo to Robert Morris. Both ...

Chapter III (The Authorized narratives)

XXIIe Ateliers internationaux du Frac des Pays de la Loire


Third chapter of a collaboration with the artists **Mariana Castillo Deball, Alex Cecchetti, Will Holder, Benoît Maire and Falke Pisano**, begun on the occasion of the residence of the 22nd International Studios of Frac des Pays de la Loire between ...

Chronologie lacunaire du skateboard. 1779—2009


The English version of this book is available [here][1] [1]: http://editions-b42.com/books/day-no-waves/