Art Queer. Une théorie freak


This book is only available in French.

Riding Modern Art


Riding Modern Art brings together a collection of 70 black and white photographs of people skateboarding on sculptures in public spaces. Through his study of the process of appropriation and reuse of works of art ...

La Piste rouge

Colonisation, travail forcé et sorcellerie dans le Sud-Est camerounais


This book is only available in French. 


De la recherche et de ses enjeux. Arts, architecture, design.


This book is only available in French.

Crawling Doubles

colonial collecting and affect


Collecting objects was a frequent practice among European colonial states in their occupied territories. From the second half of the nineteenth century, colonial powers encouraged their citizens in the colonies to collect objects that would ...

Jochen Gerner


Since the beginning of 2000s, in the continuation of its study of the work Tintin in America untitled Tnt in America, Jochen Gerner began in particular to sound graphically and plastically the printed images. These ...


English version : The Futur Does Not Exist: Retrotypes.

The Future does not exist: retrotypes


Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Ultimately, this is unimportant, because we all talk about the future, however uncertain, as if its existence goes without saying. Yet, if we picture it as a region of time ...

The Secretary Blouse


Armand Jalut’s recent paintings are characterized by the inclusion of machines, manufacturing tools that are telescoped with organic elements, often edible: a slice of grapefruit (CLASS FW600), fried eggs (CLASS W664UT), a bunch of bananas ...

Voir le voir


This book is only available in French.

Sauce Béarnaise syndrome

Anthony Duchêne


This book is only available in French.

Search Terms: basse déf.


What are we to make of all these countless sounds and images passing before our eyes, reaching our ears, arriving on our cell phones, moving across our computers and iPads? What artistic categories are relevant ...

Evariste Richer. Slow Snow.


This book is only avalaible in French.

Le Gouvernail hydraulicien


This book is only available in French.