B42 collaborates with Martin Szekely for this book collection dedicated to his work. Each volume will present a piece, a collection or an exhibition in order to show various aspects of Martin Szekely’s projects, with an important place gives to the image.


The French designer Martin Szekely was born in 1956 and trained in the École Boulle and Estienne in Paris. He gets noticed with his furniture collection entitled “Pi” (1982-1985). His long chair Pi became an emblematic piece of this collection. Since, small editions exposed in galleries and productions for industrials and public orders are two aspects of his work. His productions have been exposed several times and joined many collections in France, in Europe and in the United-States.


The second volume, Artefact, MAP, Manière noire and FAR, is dedicated to four pieces of the designer, which have in common to play in an illusionist game with the form and the material.


Also available on our website in this collection:

I. Ne plus dessiner 

III. Construction


Copublished with MSZ (Martin Szekely).

May 2017
  • English
  • French
  • Amélie Boutry
  • Martin Szekely
235mm × 335mm
88 pages